Design, Digital & Direction

As a boutique, creative shop, we bring a brand’s distinctive design and definitive direction to life. That’s right. We’re creative and we’re strategic.

The Little Daisy Logo mark
A screenshot of the homepage of LGE Residential's website.
"Familia Serving South PHX Since 1972" illustration.
Animation frames for GoDaddy shown on iphone
"Keep your sunny side up" illustration for Matt's Big Breakfast.
A set of Poncho's themed illustrations on a beige background.
A photograph of a neon sign for Matt's Big Breakfast.
A landscape photo of a spring training baseball facility.
A landscape photograph of the Epicenter signage.
A geometric multi-color pattern
A group of mobile screenshots from the LGE Design Group website.
An interior photograph of Poncho's renovated bar.
The Town of Gilbert's logotype.
A couple "cheers-ing" margarita glasses.
A screenshot of Boyd Development Company's website.
A blue tin canister of Good Things Coming gummies.
Pattern for the Little Daisy branding

We take pride in our ability to create in a thoughtful, beautiful way with a dexterity that allows us to pivot for any type of project or client. any project. Whether we’re at a computer, behind a lens, holding a paintbrush or pouring bronze, every element is grounded in strategy to support a cohesive brand presence. It’s how we make creative work.


Our Services

Our name is rooted in our desire to help brands remain loyal to their calling through the development of strategic and inspired creative work.

By leveraging the talents of our team of experts — from designers to developers, sculptors to scribes — we’re able to remain agile and collaborate across disciplines to unearth ideas that we think are pretty cool. Our clients do, too.

We consider the needs of every project, from large-scale to niche, and carve a creative path forward that never loses sight of the end goal: building a brand’s legacy. The work we love is about novelty, depth, alignment and creativity. Imagine what we could dream up for you.


We pride ourselves on our ability to create compelling, inspired design elements that accurately reflect the brand with which we’re working. It means we’re finicky about fonts, intrigued by illustrations and captivated by the opportunity to create.


We create most often with a digital landscape in mind. With a core team of in-house design experts, and an extensive network of accomplished collaborators, we’re able to dive into any digital project that comes our way.


Beautiful design is weightless without direction, which is why we incorporate it every step of the way. From creative direction to messaging to naming, copywriting and creative writing — our creativity is always guided by brand-aligned strategy.


Featured Projects

Group shot of the BrandLoyal team walking down stairs outside of an office building.

Team Truths

At BrandLoyal, we do what’s best for the client, not us. It’s in our name.

As a team, we crave the opportunity to try new things, we need to collaborate, we love doing good work for good people and we’re committed to our process — because it works.

A side profile of Doug Bell working on his iPad.
Emily Streiff and Michael Tippett collaborating on a laptop computer.
The BrandLoyal team sitting on some stairs collaborating over coffee.